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[For Jane]

Grace is heading back home from the compound, her bag filled with a few books that the bookshelf has seen fit to give her today. For now, it seems, it has stopped giving her copies of Twelfth Night, and she's made sure not to let the opportunity for some variation in her reading material pass her by.

She's looking down at her feet, watching as her mary janes clack against the wood of the boardwalk, so she doesn't see the woman and her dogs until they're almost passing each other. There are loads of dogs and cats on the island, but these are so beautiful that she can't help but comment.

"Your dogs are lovely," Grace tells her, a bright smile on her face, "Did they come to the island with you?"
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Jane has been busy trying to fix the lead and crouched over, her hair slipping in her face as the exertion causes it to part from the tightly wound bun she had tied it in that very morning. When she realises that the girl is speaking to her, she glances up with widened eyes and allows a perfunctory and polite smile.

"These? Oh, oh, no," she remarks softly. "Kojak belongs to my first husband and Lady was a gift from the island. It seems that she was just a pup, but she has already had a litter of her own, now!"

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She hasn't any idea why she didn't recognize the woman at first, but now that Grace is close enough, she immediately recognizes her as Rosamund Pike. She's seen the most recent Pride and Prejudice film so many times that she could quite possibly recite it from memory, after all. Of course, that doesn't mean this is the same Rosamund Pike, but she can always hope,

Hopefully, it doesn't come across in her expression as she offers her a bright grin. "Oh wow," she says, "Do you think it would be alright if I pet them? I love dogs."
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"Please!" Jane encouraged with an eager countenance despite the calm smile on her face. Despite all her years upon the island, she still did not see fit to release all her emotions for the public to deal with. It would simply not be proper and she would be so terribly horrified to do so. "They do indulge in affections," she spoke, quite fondly. "I believe that is half the cause they are so excited when I allow them a walk in public."

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Upon being given permission, she immediately brightens, crouching down to pet each one and scratch behind their ears.

"My parents have a dog back home," she says, "But he's more theirs than he is mine. And he's not nearly as fluffy as yours."
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Jane brightened at such a simple compliment. After all, a fluffy animal did bring her great joy on a daily basis and now that Kojak was back, she had the two. "I'm Jane," she introduced herself with a soft smile. "And this is Lady and Kojak," she introduced the animals. "Lady has just had a litter and so we have one pup at the house still. If you were missing an animal."