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Grace Violet ([personal profile] madeofstories) wrote2011-06-17 02:32 am
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[For Jane]

Grace is heading back home from the compound, her bag filled with a few books that the bookshelf has seen fit to give her today. For now, it seems, it has stopped giving her copies of Twelfth Night, and she's made sure not to let the opportunity for some variation in her reading material pass her by.

She's looking down at her feet, watching as her mary janes clack against the wood of the boardwalk, so she doesn't see the woman and her dogs until they're almost passing each other. There are loads of dogs and cats on the island, but these are so beautiful that she can't help but comment.

"Your dogs are lovely," Grace tells her, a bright smile on her face, "Did they come to the island with you?"

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