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[Dated 12/31] For Scripps

There's something almost magical about tonight, and it goes far beyond the fact that the building that used to be the compound is so wonderfully decorated, that the kitchen seems to somehow have anything to eat or drink that anyone might ever want. There's almost an electricity to the night that she can't quite put her finger on, something that brings to mind the party in Baz Luhrmann's version of Romeo and Juliet. They've all been forced into something wonderful and formal, even if part of it is only a facade.

It isn't that she's been looking for Scripps in particular, but admittedly, when her eyes scan the crowded building, he's one of the faces she's hoping to see. So, it's no surprise that she brightens upon seeing his familiar face in the throng, and approaches, a glass of champagne in each hand— one for herself, and one as an offering.

"Enjoying the party?" she asks.
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He's wearing the good waistcoat that Kurt's found him because if ever there's an evening in which he wants to look his best, tonight is it. He's brought with him the intention to throw caution to the wind and truly enjoy himself, which means that an hour into the party, he's well-liquored up and loosened and so when Grace finds him -- or does he find her? -- he threads his fingers in hers to pull her closer, drunk on courage, theatrics, and joy. "Far more, now," he assures her, feeling his heart skip several beats when he's pushed forward by intruding bodies and ends up in the space of her body where he can feel the warmth of her skin. "And you?" he breathes out, a hitch to the words.
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"I've heard tales." Which are, of course, potentially disastrous, but Scripps has always been fond of what people have to tell about history and myth. It is, after all, what he had been meaning to study. "And you, you look ravishing. I've no idea how anyone could take one look at you and not think leading lady. I was quite disappointed to see you weren't starring opposite me," he murmurs, keeping his voice low to maintain privacy.
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Scripps has yet to pull away his hand from the small of her back and when he crooks his fingers, he can feel the fabric of her clothing and, just distantly past that, the warmth of her skin. He thinks that it's just as intoxicating as the drink is. "Maybe. But why can't I be selfish?" He knows why. He knows why, but he's tipsy and stubborn and selfish and just once, he thinks, he's tired of lavishing affection unto God when there's someone far more worthy on this earth.

And Jesus hasn't come back to town to earn it, either.
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"It's been quite a number. I'm on..." he squints, trying to put thoughts to words, now, and all that comes up is Henry the Eighth. Well, if it must, then he must use it. "Anne of Cleves? No, that makes more sense in my head. I'm on my fourth glass of champagne." Given that he doesn't indulge very often, it's begun to take root. "It's very bubbly," he confides in her.
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"You're going to have to show me," he confesses, leaning in enough that he can still smell the perfect and precious scent of her skin. "Well, you could leave me to my lonesome, of course, but I wouldn't think you could be so cruel to me."
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"You wouldn't want me lonely," he replies, with such plaintive simplicity that he doesn't think that he needs any other reason at all. Then, though, his hand's in hers and he's having sharp bursts of brilliant ideas and he draws on her hand. "Wait," he says, insistently. Perhaps it's the champagne that's made him courageous. Perhaps it's the stage.

No matter what's prompted this, he daren't chase it away for the world. "Not that way," he says, and tries to ease her towards a far more private alcove of the party with a light tug of her hand in his.
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Scripps had found the loveliest of small sugary confections earlier and while he's sure they're terribly bad for him and his soul, they're far too delicious to ignore. "Champagnes can wait. I'd much rather sober up." Besides, alcohol is not the only thing one can grow heady and drunk from. He holds out a small chocolate in between his fingers, offering her an eager smile. "You have to try it."
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It's dangerous, he thinks, that they're doing this so privately. There's no one watching and he utterly forgets about the presence of God. He taps the chocolate lightly, just, against her lower lip as a soft smile takes root on his face and he stares at her quite adoringly -- unconsciously mimicking the looks Poz has so often given to Dakin.
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When only the last traces of the chocolate remain, he leans in and gives in to every last impulse shouting through his mind to kiss her, chasing that rich taste of sweet from off her lower lip and kissing her past that, softly and turning into something far more desperate.

He thinks, smugly, to himself that at least Dakin is well, well clear.
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He gasps, softly, at the extended contact and while his head is buzzed with the heady feel of adrenaline and champagne, he knows he's not bound to forget this. He takes their bound fingers and moves them closer together before he presses that clasp to her hips, easing them three steps to the wall -- just out of sight to all the partygoers.
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Scripps eases back and closes his eyes as he lets out the softest of exhalations tinged with amusement and sheer exhilaration at his daring. "I've been wanting," he explains, eyes still closed as he tries to process his first kiss, "to do that for ages."

He wonders if it's supposed to bear more meaning. He's glad, though, he's managed to save it up for her and not to be given on a stage. "And I can only ask one thing of you, one great and terrible thing."
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"You mustn't tell Dakin," he responds before leaning in to the touch of her hand on his collar, bowing his head as he indulges for a second time, eager to soak up whatever attention and affection he can manage from this one girl that he's managed to become so taken with that God and Jesus fly out the window.
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"No," Scripps assures her, finally opening his eyes so he might give her a wry smile. "I've no care about who knows, but he'll be insufferable and he's hardly sufferable at the best of times," he confesses. "I don't know what I'll do if he's worse than usual. Well, besides possibly clock him."
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It's all a bit intoxicating. When she draws him back for another kiss, he loses his train of thought and is helpless to do anything but lean in and allow himself to be kissed like that again -- and wishes to do it once more. "If I'd have known kissing would be this wonderful, I might have had to make a deal with God for temporary exemptions," he breathes out.
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"I confess that it was," he admits, slightly breathy as he gives her a sheepish look, touching his fingers to his lower lip before ridding himself of the gesture. "Was it bad?" he asks, suddenly worried. "Did you not like it?"
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"That sounds like an invitation," he says with a slightly mischievous smile on his face, coaxing her against the wall so he can allow the plane to do the work of standing for him. "It sounds a delightful one, too."
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Scripps carefully slides his palm over her shoulders in order to keep her close. It's problematic in that it gives their bodies a small degree of friction (which is too much by whole when he's already willing himself not to touch any part of his body in accordance with old promises). Still, he's sure she's going to feel it at some point in the midst of this kiss.
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Scripps feels like he can practically fall right into her arms if she keeps welcoming him forward like this. He inhales sharply, pulling away in order to simply breathe before he utterly loses control. "Oh, Grace," he murmurs fondly. "There could be no other name for you."
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"I'm not sure," Scripps admits as he tries to put himself slightly back together. "I do know one thing with all my soul," he says, quite serious about the whole affair. "Come the stroke of midnight, I want you to be the one at my side to ring in the new year."