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Backdated to 3/31

The morning after the party, Grace doesn't awake at the first bits of light that come through her window. Instead, she rolls over, pulling her blanket over her face, groaning a bit. Perhaps she did have a bit too much to drink the night before, caught up in the magic of the party, and it's all caught up to her this morning. Truthfully, she scarcely remembers coming in last night, and suspects that Scripps had a hand in making sure she made it home okay. She'll have to remember to thank him, not only for that, but for going at all; she can't imagine those parties are much fun when you're completely sober.

But today is a day that deserves a proper lie-in, and she wishes it was one spent in her room in Bristol, if only because she could tell her Mum that she's sick and manage to get soup and tea all day. Though, she's only just nodded off again, when she's nudged, and opens her eyes to Lady Di's wet nose poking at her under the covers.

"No, it's too early," Grace whines, but the sound of her voice is really just enough to ensure that the dog continues her effort, burrowing further underneath the blanket and licking at Grace's face until she has no excuse but to acknowledge her. "Okay, fine, we'll go for a walk." she says, scratching behind the dog's ears.

Grace is lucky that she's got a pair of sunglasses that she found in the box a few months prior, because the day is bright and she has every intention of making today a duvet day just as soon as Lady Di is happy.

Today, however, she seems more interested in running about than finding a spot to do her doggy business, sniffing at bushes and digging in the dirt, barking at birds and running back to Grace, as if seeking approval. It's so silly that Grace can't help but laugh, even despite the slight pounding in her head. But as the time wears on, she's really just interested in heading home again. So once Lady Di starts digging at something in the dirt again instead of doing what she's supposed to be doing, Grace walks over to tug at her collar.

"Come on," she says, only, she notices that the dog has actually found something. It's someone's mobile, half buried in the dirt.

Curious, Grace bends over to pick it up, turning the iPhone over in her hands. The cover's nice, like something she might've picked out herself, actually, but she's not sure who might've dropped a phone. Or who actually carries one around, really; it's not as if they've got reception on the island at all.

So perhaps it feels like a bit of an intrusion when presses the button to wake up the phone, but she's only doing it to work out who she'll need to return it to.

She doesn't expect to hear Liv's voice.

"You'd be here if you were around, you'd be in this weird place with me and we'd be laughing our shit off at everyone here, because they're all wankers! And this place is a fucking shit hole and I don't know why I'm here. I miss you, Grace.

Or Rich's. She'd almost forgotten what he sounded like before, it's been so long. Or... at least, it feels like it's been a long time, so much longer than just over a year.

"I keep calling... so I can hear your voice. And I want you to say more... but you only ever say that one fucking sentence over and over again. That's all I get. Why the fuck didn't you say more?"

They've been calling her. Leaving her messages just to tell her how much they miss her. It doesn't make sense, not really, because her phone is already here on the island, and while she wished while she sent the bottle away, Grace knows that there wasn't really any chance of it making it back home.

But the truly horrible thing about it all is that everyone is moving on back home. Despite what she's told herself since she arrived, none of this will be like Oz or Narnia or Wonderland. She won't go home to find that no time at all has passed, and that the island was just a dream. They'll all keep living their lives, and eventually they'll just forget about her. It'll be like none of them had ever been friends at all.

She wants to call them all back, to tell them that she's okay and she'd be there if she could be, but when she presses Rich's name to ring him, there's no signal, just as always. There's nothing at all she can do.

[Item post! One of those public/private EP things, open to all and backdated to the last day of March. For reference, the rest of the voicemails can be found here, but ARE spoilery for Skins season 6.]

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