madeofstories: (pic#1548759)
Grace Violet ([personal profile] madeofstories) wrote2012-09-14 03:07 pm

Baby Shower!

Truthfully, Grace feels incredibly guilty that it's taken her so long to do this. Ever since Mini arrived and told her that she was having a baby, Grace has had it in her head that she'll need to put on a party for her. It's got to be difficult, doing this away from her Mum and from all the rest of their friends, and she thinks that just about anything that can make all of this just a little bit better is worth doing.

While she'd originally planned to do this in their hut, by now it's probably too far to ask Mini to walk, so she's settled on the rec room instead. It's definitely done well in a pinch, and Grace has decorated it the best she can, with pink streamers and bows. She's spent the entire morning baking and decorating small cookies and cupcakes with Kurt's help.

By the time people have started arriving, she's become convinced that this will be nothing less than perfect.

[Dated to Sunday 9/16, in the rec room.]

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