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By the time Grace makes it home, her anger has subsided a bit, replaced instead with disappointment. Of course, she knows that Donald is hardly to blame for an affair that he neither planned nor asked for, but she can't help but be upset about it, all the same.

Walking through the door of the hut she shares with Mini and Alana, Grace tries to school her expression into something a little more pleasant. It helps when Lady Di greets her enthusiastically, and she scratches behind the dog's ears.

"You wouldn't put my personal life on display for the entire island to see, would you?" she asks, well aware how silly a question it is to pose to a dog.
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At the sound of Grace returning, Mini steps out of her room. She's still hesitant to go far from her daughter's side unless Grace is there to watch her, but at least within the space of their own hut, she knows everything's alright. Everything, that is, but what Grace is saying.

"Who would do a fucked up thing like that?"
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Mini's eyes narrow as she crosses the room toward Grace. If someone's done something to hurt her, they'll have Mini to deal with. She just needs to know about it. "You didn't answer, Gracey. Do I have to pull someone's spine out through his arse?"

It's not Donald, she's sure. He's like a fucking puppy, and he knows she'll carry out her threats if need be.
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"It's not New Year's," Mini starts, rolling her eyes at how stupid the boys are, before it hits her. Arms crossing hard over her chest, she's torn between a sudden, instinctual rage and hurt on Grace's behalf. "What kind of a party?"

If she gets hold of him, his spine will be the least of Dakin's worries.
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Unfortunately, that confirms Mini's growing suspicion, and she scowls immediately, turning back toward her room. She can't just storm off and leave Alana, but she isn't simply staying either. When she's only just gotten her daughter to sleep, it feels like all the more reason to tear those boys a new one.

"They're still there?" she asks, just to be certain. "What the fuck is wrong with them?"
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"Oh, Gracey, no," Mini says, stopping over Alana's crib to look over her. If it is, she'll personally rend Donald's cock from his body, set it on fire, and toss it into the sea while he watches, but she can't really believe it. He's crazy about Grace, far as she can see, and besides, he's way too much of a dweeb to plan that far ahead and wait so long.

"He'd have done it sooner if it was." Carefully, she picks Alana up, cradling the baby close, lowering her voice a little as she does. "That, or he's a complete idiot. He's ridiculous, but I don't think he's that stupid."
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No matter how crazy he may be about Grace, it won't be enough to keep Mini from driving his head through a wall, metaphorically or otherwise. He should know better, end of story. It's fucking stupid, how boys feel the need to share and brag, but she knows it's how they are. He should still be putting an end to bullshit like this before it gets this far.

"What the fuck is wrong with them?" she asks. "He didn't do anything to stop it?"
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It's probably for the best, Mini thinks. She doesn't want her own tension and anger to bleed into Alana's nap. The baby's already starting to stir, and no matter how tiny she is, Mini's sure she picks up on these things.

"I think you do," she says. Carefully, she holds out Alana to place in Grace's arms. "I swear, if anyone ever does something like that to her, I'll have his balls."
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There are a million other problems that would present, Mini thinks, but maybe that'll be different by the time Alana's old enough to date. Either way, it hurts, looking at her daughter in Grace's arms and thinking about this. No matter how she'll try to protect her, she'll never be able to keep her safe from all the awful things people can do to each other.

"I hope so," she says, reaching out to touch one of Alana's chubby little arms. "And she'll have us to protect her."
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Mini bites back a laugh, starting to feel a little better. She's still going to tear those boys a new one, but she doesn't need to go rushing out just yet. The anger will still be there when she does, and Alana looks so sweet when she's mostly asleep, tiny hands curled into fists.

"Depends how much of a bastard he is," she says. "I might."
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"Not if I take just the one," Mini says, "and promise to take the other if he does anything about it." Despite her words, she relaxes a little. Just hearing Grace laugh helps to ease the frustration. The main thing here is how upset the boys have made Grace, and while she still means to make them pay for it, it can wait if Grace is feeling better.

She reaches over, tracing a finger down her daughter's arm. "Poor darling, with your delinquent mum."