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The flier clenched in one hand, Grace is still unsure of what to think. It could be something simple, something so small back home that it wasn't worth mentioning at all. But there's this feeling in the pit of her stomach as she heads home, that it's somehow more than that. That she's missed something incredibly important.

She never did listen to all of the messages on the phone she found so long ago, and Grace is beginning to wonder if perhaps she should have. In fact, she manages to convince herself that this is her answer until she's actually standing in she and Mini's hut, the phone held in both hands.

Something so small suddenly feels horribly heavy.
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In the small bedroom, Mini sits on the floor, laughing as she watches Alana crawl around the room, chubby arms flailing as she makes her way toward her mother. "There we are," she says, "come on. Good girl!" By now, her daughter is an expert crawler, something Mini never realized could make someone so proud. Even better, Alana grabs hold of her arm and manages to pull herself to a wobbly stand, though that's the best she can manage still.

It's good enough for Mini, who draws the chubby little girl into her arms, grinning and pressing a kiss to the top of her soft, fine hair. From the next room, she can hear footsteps. "Gracey," she calls. "Is that you?"