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It happens less often these days, but every once in a while, Grace misses home almost more than she can handle. It's been years since she's been there, since she was unceremoniously sent to an island to live, and since then, she's learned that she can't eve go back, but it doesn't stop her missing everyone, all the same. She'd never been far from her family for very long at all before Tabula Rasa, and now with her twentieth birthday approaching, hasn't seen her parents for years. She can't even ring them.

It all comes flooding back at once on a Tuesday, as she's sitting outdoors at a cafe working on coursework, and suddenly she's reminded of a pub with Rich, of Sub Rosa and drinking an entire pint all at once.

So she orders one.

Only, the waitress drops it off, and it's sat precariously near the edge of the table. When Grace leans over to grab something from her bag, she grazes the table, knocking the glass over onto her papers and sending some of dry ones fluttering into the street.

"Oh no!"
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Tracy didn't often find herself in both the right place and the right time particularly often in Darrow. Perhaps that particular knack had fled her when she died, or perhaps there simply wasn't as much that was worth being around for. Either way, when the young woman bumped her table just as Tracy passed by, sidestepped the worst of the spill, snatched a piece of paper as it blew by her, and stooped to pick up another before it got too far into the road, she couldn't help but feel a bit impressed with herself. Small victories, and all that.

"Shame to waste good beer," she said lightly, waiting for the woman to get herself sorted before she handed her things over to her.
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"It's no trouble," Tracy assured her with a nod. "Take your time. And if you haven't had a sip yet, perhaps it was horrid after all and you dodged a bullet. Even if your work can't say the same."

Was that an inappropriate turn of phrase for Tracy to use, all things considered? Fortunately, she found that she didn't much care.