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Afternoon Tea [Dated to 5/12]

It's taken her an entire day and most of the morning as well, but Grace is almost certain that everything is perfect. The table she's borrowed is set up in the clearing between her own hut and the stage, each place setting with its own small plate and tea cup (though some are mugs, as she's had to make due with what she could borrow from the kitchen.) The chairs don't all match, of course, but at least there's space for every one of Jason's friends to sit comfortably.

Grace has never put on a proper afternoon tea before, and even if she had, it's probably a great deal more difficult when you're putting it on for someone other than yourself. Grace knows all the things that she likes: delicate tea sets, cucumber sandwiches and bits of lace on the table itself, but she's been forced to improvise, both because of what she has to work with, and because of Jason's particular tastes.

For instance, smoked salmon volauvents (her own preference) have been replaced with boar bacon ones that are a bit greasier than Grace intended them to be. And while there are still scones, the number of them is dwarfed by the amount of small finger-sized cakes (each one decorated with a bit of tropical flower that Grace spent approximately an hour collecting the day prior). And while Grace is partial to black currant tea, she's only been able to get her hands on a generic sort of black tea, green tea and mint tea made from fresh mint.

The entire affair is meant to cheer Jason up, after all, and to perhaps put him on parties that are a bit more tame than the others he's been to. Though, if this doesn't do the trick, there are always others. Perhaps fancy dress would be more his style.

[Gathering post! Invite only, feel free to have your pups boggle at the fancy tea party. Menu is scones, tea cakes, volauvents, avocado finger sandwiches, assorted fruits, crab cakes and boar sliders. xD]
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Eden doesn't really expect to get mail, although she checks most days just because she's in the Compound anyway, so the invitation comes as a pleasant surprise. Since it's for Jason, there's no question as to whether or not she'll go. Besides, it's not as if she has anything better to do, nothing that sounds like more fun than putting on a sundress, a little green bow in her hair, and turning up to celebrate a friend who's been spectacularly kind when she's badly needed kindness.

Once in attendance and seated at the table, she looks over the offerings and smiles. "This is lovely."
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Jason manages a grin that's tentative and happy all at once, like someone's going to accuse him of picking the pink theme of the invitation at any moment, and then he'll be forced to pretend he isn't enjoying himself. He's been moody since he came out of the ground, halfway to unlivable with the few unfortunates that have crossed his path and lingered there, but he feels better today, shocked, perhaps, out of his funk by all the cake.

"Even the cakes are small," he says. "I bet I could fit two in my mouth."
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"Oh, come on," Eden says, an undertone as she leans toward him, "I could fit two in my mouth. You could get like three in there." They're delightful, though, with the little flower petals and the frosting, and she's enchanted with the whole set up. It may not be what she associates with Jason, but it's still lovely, the kind of thing she never counted on attending. Even now, it's nice to see, she can add firsts to her list.

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Arya wasn't entirely sure how being buried alive and having an afternoon tea gathering were related, aside from one thing: she thought she'd have preferred the burying part to the formal attire.

But she was there, nonetheless, and not just because she'd gotten the impression non-attendance would have had unfortunate consequences in Cardio, later.

Although it hadn't formed an inconsequential part of the decision.

She'd even found a dress, one of Rosalind's, that she'd stuck in a corner of the room after that had all ended. She'd worked on it. It had acorns on it, and it was mostly free of creases now. She wore it with her hair down and a look of defiance, as if daring someone to comment on it as she sipped a cup of mint tea.

She was considering the whole thing an exercise in calm as still water, at this point.
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"Hey," says Jason, almost wary given the fierceness in her expression. He himself had arrived similarly nervous, but a few of those cakes have gone a long way towards loosening him up.

He cocks his head, realizing suddenly that like him, she's dressed well outside what he's used to seeing her in. "I had to dig for three hours to find a blazer."
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She cracked a smile at that, although she maintained the defiant cant to her head, shoulders back; she was in a dress, but she wasn't about to compromise any further than that. "What, this wasn't your idea? The invitations seemed so you."

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"You look nice," Billy said, eyebrows raised. He didn't mean a single word of it, the words coming out only because seeing Arya in a dress was more than a bit confusing.
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Arya simply stared him down for a moment, eyebrows raised, before saying, "I look ridiculous, it's no good pretending otherwise."

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With the amount of time he's spent in England and the number of Brits he counts as friends, Bucky Barnes is well-acquainted with the ritual of afternoon tea, even if he doubts anyone would peg him for the sort to enjoy sitting around nibbling on crumpets (though enjoy's probably not the right word, even so). That said, the invitation had come as a surprise, more so because it was being held in honor of Jason than anything else; he's pretty sure the kid doesn't even own a proper pair of shoes, let alone anything that could be counted as formal attire.

Bucky, for his part, follows the dress code to the letter; most days he favors cargo pants, plain tees, or the occasional polo shirt -- stuff that's sturdy and practical -- but for the occasion, he's coaxed a light gray, three-piece suit from the clothes box, complete with a white button-down shirt, and a sky blue tie. Sipping at his tea with more decorum than is probably expected, he replaces the cup back on its saucer. It's not how he would've chosen to spend his afternoon, maybe, but he'll be damned if he looks uncomfortable. Most of the others in attendance seem to have that much covered.
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"What are the saucers for, anyway?" Jason asks, lifting a brow at his own, teacup held carefully in his left hand. He's discovered he likes the tea a lot more than he thought he would, though the sugar he put in it likely helped.

"Why does a cup need a little plate to sit on?" Bucky seems so good at this already, and Jason wonders if parties like this are something he went to back home. It doesn't quite mesh with the Bucky he knows, but then, he's smart enough to know there's a shitton that Bucky will never tell him. He looks comfortable at any rate, wearing his suit so casually that Jason feels better in his own, hoping it makes him look like he belongs like Bucky does. "What's wrong with just putting them on the table."

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"Hey, Captain Barnes," Zuko says, when he finds himself seated next to the ITF's co-leader. It's not like it's exactly unusual for him to see James Barnes in a non-training setting, but Zuko does have to admit it's a little weird to be sitting next to the guy who's normally running him through a rigorous set of drills at a fancy tea party.

Zuko can have a delicate hand when he needs to - his uncle saw to that, back home - so he manages to use the fragile cup without much trouble. "This isn't really what I expected when I got an invitation for tea. Tea back home was a little different."

[feel free to ignore if this is too late for you!]

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Even if it weren't for someone he was fond of, Billy would have attended the tea party on the invite alone. It was incredibly pink and fancier than most things he was used to, and the fact that it was all in honor of Jason just made things that much better.

He'd pulled on a red button up shirt and black slacks, the only clothes resembling formal he had, and showed up to the tea party in a relatively good mood.
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Jason spends about five seconds being jealous that Billy hadn't had to put on a blazer, too, but he doesn't actually mind his own so much anymore. It hides most of his cast, letting him pretend that when his right hand is in his lap and hidden by the table, he's totally fine.

"Check out these puff things," he says, pushing the plate of volauvents Billy's way. "They taste like bacon, it's awesome."

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Even now, Jason's not sure what to make of all this. When Grace had proposed they experiment to find out if there was a sort of party Jason could like, he hadn't expected them to start with tea. The nearest thing he can equate it to is something from Alice and Wonderland, which he's not sure would be any less surreal.

But at Bucky's firm suggestion, Jason's put on a suit like Grace asked him to, a gray number that's not too heavy in the heat, has combed his hair, and even managed to coax something nicer than motorcycle boots from the clothes box for his feet. He feels more than a little silly in the getup, but he hasn't gotten food on it yet, which he'll claim for a victory.

Nervously, he picks up one of the tea cups with his good hand. They're so small and fragile, and the food spread is so, well, pretty. There are even flowers on each tiny cake, so nice looking that Jason's not even sure he's meant to eat one, but that doesn't stop him for long. He feels better for the burst of sugar on his tongue, and soon he's eaten three of them, starting to smile around at the rest of the party and at Grace in particular. His ears can't seem to lose the pink of embarrassment, flaring up each time he catches sight of Tim or Bucky or Steve, but he can't deny that it's kind of fun, having a party just for him. Glancing sidelong, he steals one of the boar sliders from the plate next to him, wondering if he can claim ownership due to it being his name on the invitation, or, barring that, that his cast has left him too enfeebled to get up and get his own.

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"Can I hug you or are you too hurt?" Coraline asked curiously, looking at Jason with his tiny food and tiny tea cup. Coraline smiled brightly at him, trying not to laugh. He did look quite a bit ridiculous with the tiny tea things but she didn't want to make him feel bad. Not when he was hurt and not when it was his party. "And guess what? I got to fly on a dragon because I'm awesome."

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There's no way Max was wearing a suit. No way. Bill tried to make him but in the end all he'd allow was his wolf suit to be cleaned.

He still doesn't feel like he should wear it, but maybe Jason will thinks it's all okay if he wears it.

"What is this stuff?" he asks, nose wrinkled. Everything's really weird and small.

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It's not Grace's party. As such, Grace hasn't set a place for herself at the table, preferring instead to make sure all of Jason's guests are tended to: pouring tea, putting out more tea cakes-- there aren't many extra stashed in her hut nearby, but she's made sure to have a few at least-- and making sure everyone's going about afternoon tea the proper way.

While it's expected that Jason doesn't know how to conduct himself, she can't help but notice that some of his other friends seem uncomfortable as well. At least the words 'uncomfortable' and 'bored' don't seem to be synonymous in this case.
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The longer Grace doesn't sit, the more nervous Jason becomes, sure that he's doing something wrong, or is supposed to be up and filling teacups too. His cast would make the task slower, but not impossible, and finally he gets up, heading over to her. As much as he'd like to sit around and continue eating boar burgers and tiny cakes, it doesn't seem right that she's not doing it, too. "Should I - do you need help?"

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"This is brilliant, was it- are you Grace?" Coraline asked curiously. Jason wasn't really the type for tea parties but he seemed to be enjoying himself and Coraline wasn't quite sure why she hadn't thought of it herself sooner. "I'm Coraline, thank you so much for inviting me. I love tea parties, not many people here have them."

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As royalty, Zuko's no stranger to formal occasions, nor is he unfamiliar with how to conduct himself at one. It's just a little unexpected to be going to something this fancy, here on the island; or more specifically, to be going to something this fancy for Jason. He doesn't really mind, though, since Jason's a friend, and he does like tea.

It's not hard to identify the hostess, and when she pauses for a moment he takes the opportunity to catch her eye. "Are you Grace?" he asks. "Thank you for the invitation, I'm honored to attend a party for Jason." He smiles, a faint one, and inclines his head and shoulders in a small bow.
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An invitation to an actual tea party was just about the last thing Lucy had ever expected to see in her mailbox, and not just because it was so infrequently used to begin with. Her only experience with such parties was so far back it seemed like a lifetime ago, when she'd been a different person, one of few things she'd ever made an effort to do with just her little sister; Max usually, inevitably, crashed anyway, and they ended quickly. As such, being considerably older now, she'd been skeptical upon first receiving the invitation, obviously a different practice though she knew it to be. Seeing Jason's name, though, she hadn't needed to give it a second thought. Whatever the reasoning behind it, there was no way she was going to miss it.

So she'd pulled out a dress she had worn once to some themed party or other, white with a blue sash, reminiscent of the sort of things she had bought for dances in high school, before the world had turned on its head. If she was doing this, she wasn't going to do so half-assed. She still wasn't entirely sure what the point was, but she had to admit, it had been well-organized. Turning to look at the person nearest her, she smiled, just a little. "I have to say, this isn't something I ever thought I'd be doing."
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"Really?" asks Jason, sugar putting an arch in his brow that wouldn't have survived even this same morning. She looks nice, and she came to his party, even if she looks as baffled by all the finery as Jason feels. "I do this all the time."

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Zuko's pretty familiar with tea, thanks to his uncle, and especially since he and Iroh spent their time in hiding in the Earth Kingdom working at a tea shop. Nevertheless, he's not entirely sure what to expect at this party. The frilly invitation, at least, he can chalk up to something made by a girl, maybe not all that dissimilar from something Ty Lee would have dreamed up.

The invitation said formal, so Zuko's got on the outfit ( he wore to the Mardi Gras party. As it turns out, the invitation isn't all that bad an indicator of what the party's gonna be like.

For a moment when Zuko sees Jason, all he can think of is pulling him up through the dirt, out of the ground. Then he shakes himself mentally, attempts to adopt at least a somewhat pleasant expression, and finds a seat.
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Jason's eyes cut sideways after a while, away from Bucky and Eden and the ones with whom he feels most safe, towards the ones like Zuko, who he cried in front of like a stupid little boy.

"Hey," he says, because he's not going to do it again, act like he's afraid when there's nothing there to be scared of. "Eat one of the cakes, skip the flower though. It's not edible." Something Jason learned by experience.

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To say it was puzzling to find such a delicate looking invitation in my very recently acquired mailbox would be an understatement. Though I wasn't entirely sure who had invited me or why, the fact that the party was in Jason's honor, someone who, though a new acquaintance, has fast become good one and who has had the snot more or less knocked out of him by life, guaranteed my attendance.

The formal wear, however, I feared would be problematic. The things I had heard about the island's 'clothes box' were almost as unkind as what it allegedly dispensed. I waded through ice-cream colored linen suits for about forty minutes before I drew out something that I knew Janet would call hopelessly old fashioned.

It fit perfectly (

I'm suddenly grateful for the long teas I took with Churchill during the war. Not something a Brooklyn kid gets a lot of preparation for, and being faced with a formal afternoon sit-down tea now is about as daunting as defending a bridge or going up against a B-list villain. I think I can handle it.