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Grace Violet ([personal profile] madeofstories) wrote2011-06-17 01:23 am
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[For Tony, Dated 06/13]

It's a full day after everyone says the magic has worn off before Grace fully trusts it. Perhaps she was able to leave letters in people's mailboxes, more polite than they are truthful, but magic, she's learned, is never quite as simple as all that. She doesn't want to be wrong and end up spilling out secrets to people all over again. It was awful enough the first time that she's been incredibly cautious the entire weekend, only speaking when absolutely necessary, relying instead upon polite smiles and nods.

But when she awakens the next day and finds that she can lie again, she becomes less guarded, convinced now that the spell truly has run its course. It's simply one of those things that the island does to people, gone just as quickly as it had come. And while she's relieved, everything being normal again means she has something that she must do.

When she goes looking for Tony later in the day, it's quite noticeable that there's something a bit off about her; instead of her usual sun dress or skirt, she's found a pair of khakis with loafers to match and her makeup's muted and her hair pulled back. It's very subtle, yet specific for today. Still, differences in her appearance aside, she has nothing but a bright smile to offer Tony once she finally locates him.

"I was hoping I'd find you here," she says.

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