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Name:Grace Violet
Birthdate:Oct 6
"Let's show these motherfuckers how this story ends."

Grace Violet Blood is a character from the E4 series Skins. She arrives as a transfer character, but is originally from the episode 5x07: Grace.

Her inventory at the time is as follows:
-One lightweight blue and white pattered dress
-One pair, matching pink underwear
-One bronze insect brooch
-One pair white, star-shaped stud earrings
-One pair tan sandals
-One wristwatch, pink band
-One golden retriever, answers to the name Lady Di
-One leather messenger bag containing:

*One book of German poetry, one paperback copy of Romeo and Juliet
*One mobile with white earbud headphones
*One small hairbrush
*Two hair ties
*One compact mirror

This journal is just for fun at thecityneversleeps. I am not Jessica Sula or Grace Violet Blood and make no claims that I own either.
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