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The morning after the party, Grace doesn't awake at the first bits of light that come through her window. Instead, she rolls over, pulling her blanket over her face, groaning a bit. Perhaps she did have a bit too much to drink the night before, caught up in the magic of the party, and it's all caught up to her this morning. Truthfully, she scarcely remembers coming in last night, and suspects that Scripps had a hand in making sure she made it home okay. She'll have to remember to thank him, not only for that, but for going at all; she can't imagine those parties are much fun when you're completely sober.

But today is a day that deserves a proper lie-in, and she wishes it was one spent in her room in Bristol, if only because she could tell her Mum that she's sick and manage to get soup and tea all day. Though, she's only just nodded off again, when she's nudged, and opens her eyes to Lady Di's wet nose poking at her under the covers.

"No, it's too early," Grace whines, but the sound of her voice is really just enough to ensure that the dog continues her effort, burrowing further underneath the blanket and licking at Grace's face until she has no excuse but to acknowledge her. "Okay, fine, we'll go for a walk." she says, scratching behind the dog's ears.

Cut for spoilers )

[Item post! One of those public/private EP things, open to all and backdated to the last day of March. For reference, the rest of the voicemails can be found here, but ARE spoilery for Skins season 6.]


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