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The flier clenched in one hand, Grace is still unsure of what to think. It could be something simple, something so small back home that it wasn't worth mentioning at all. But there's this feeling in the pit of her stomach as she heads home, that it's somehow more than that. That she's missed something incredibly important.

She never did listen to all of the messages on the phone she found so long ago, and Grace is beginning to wonder if perhaps she should have. In fact, she manages to convince herself that this is her answer until she's actually standing in she and Mini's hut, the phone held in both hands.

Something so small suddenly feels horribly heavy.
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By the time Grace makes it home, her anger has subsided a bit, replaced instead with disappointment. Of course, she knows that Donald is hardly to blame for an affair that he neither planned nor asked for, but she can't help but be upset about it, all the same.

Walking through the door of the hut she shares with Mini and Alana, Grace tries to school her expression into something a little more pleasant. It helps when Lady Di greets her enthusiastically, and she scratches behind the dog's ears.

"You wouldn't put my personal life on display for the entire island to see, would you?" she asks, well aware how silly a question it is to pose to a dog.


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