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It's taken her an entire day and most of the morning as well, but Grace is almost certain that everything is perfect. The table she's borrowed is set up in the clearing between her own hut and the stage, each place setting with its own small plate and tea cup (though some are mugs, as she's had to make due with what she could borrow from the kitchen.) The chairs don't all match, of course, but at least there's space for every one of Jason's friends to sit comfortably.

Grace has never put on a proper afternoon tea before, and even if she had, it's probably a great deal more difficult when you're putting it on for someone other than yourself. Grace knows all the things that she likes: delicate tea sets, cucumber sandwiches and bits of lace on the table itself, but she's been forced to improvise, both because of what she has to work with, and because of Jason's particular tastes.

For instance, smoked salmon volauvents (her own preference) have been replaced with boar bacon ones that are a bit greasier than Grace intended them to be. And while there are still scones, the number of them is dwarfed by the amount of small finger-sized cakes (each one decorated with a bit of tropical flower that Grace spent approximately an hour collecting the day prior). And while Grace is partial to black currant tea, she's only been able to get her hands on a generic sort of black tea, green tea and mint tea made from fresh mint.

The entire affair is meant to cheer Jason up, after all, and to perhaps put him on parties that are a bit more tame than the others he's been to. Though, if this doesn't do the trick, there are always others. Perhaps fancy dress would be more his style.

[Gathering post! Invite only, feel free to have your pups boggle at the fancy tea party. Menu is scones, tea cakes, volauvents, avocado finger sandwiches, assorted fruits, crab cakes and boar sliders. xD]


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